Trading Bot Used:



You will need to have the MetaMask extension installed in either the Chrome or Firefox web browser.

You can also use the Trust Wallet browser on mobile devices.

Q: How much profit will I get?
A: 25% of your investment

Q: How long will it take?
A: That depends on how many people are playing and whether or not you are still in line during the lockdown period.

Q: What is the lockdown all about?
A: We will be placing a lock on the contract every 640 Transactions. This will prevent the backlog from getting too high; once every member has been paid, the contract will unlock again for a new round of play.

Q: How long will the rounds take to pay? 
A: Depends on the round; the first round will take the longest to pay, but all consecutive rounds build upon the existing trading account so it will increase every round, resulting in faster and faster rounds.

Q: Why can I only have 4 active transactions at a time?
A: In previous doubler style games, eventually someone gets greedy and sticks a huge amount in; this results in a clog as it requires an even bigger amount to pay out. To keep an even playing field, we wanted to prevent this from happening. 

Q: So I can only put in 2 ETH per round, for .5 ETH profit per round?
A: NO! You can only have a maximum payout at any given time of 2.5 ETH; however, if you receive your payout before the lock period, you can play again. Some people will be able to get through 4 or 5 times in a round, effectively doubling their money! It pays to get in early, and often.

Q: Where is the money going?
A: In order to minimize risk, we are diversifying into several different platforms. We look for sustainable, long term projects to invest into.

Q: Why is War Dogs Gaming bringing Teris “the Liberator” to the community?
A: Although Revolution and the doublers known as Gears were not the products of War Pig Innovations, we did promote it and felt a sense of duty to our community to help free up their hard earned Ethereum from the Gears.