Q: What else can we expect from War Dogs Gaming?

A: The creators of War Dogs Gaming are members of WPI, who is known for their integrity and compassion. With that being said, we are bringing a multitude of games that are fair to the player and will bring a lot of fun to them.

Q: Will these be the same old games we see all over the web?

A:  War Dogs Gaming will be bringing you some of your old favorites as well as some Original games that were thought of by members of the community.

Q: What incentive is there for anyone to visit your website and play the games as opposed to where they are already going?

A: War Dogs Gaming will be having contests and prizes like you have never seen before. We will be helping some individuals to fulfill their dreams by offering a way to get their games out to the public and earn some money at the same time.

Q: Will all the games be eth based?

A: Some all the games will be played with coins, that can be cashed out for Ethereum at your leisure. We will still have some regular Ethereum games like Teris, which by playing, you help to free up money in the Gears doublers. If you're a person that loves those divs, we also have a platform for you with Ragnarok. There will also be children’s educational games, and some freebies for our regular followers.