War Dogs Gaming is leading the pack on the new innovation of crypto gaming. A division of War Pig Innovations, known for making your portfolios green, War Dogs Gaming is bringing you games that help take fun to a whole new level. Imagine a “doubler” style game that makes sure your paid out instead of locking that hard earned ETH away forever.

Are you a gambler at heart and love the chance of a BIG payout when it’s your time? Do you love the thrill of smart contract gaming, knowing when to get in and out to make that instant profit? How about traditional style arcade games connected to the Ethereum blockchain? War Dogs Gaming brings all these passions to you on one site!


War Dogs Gaming is brought to you by some of WPI’s original members that share your thrill for the WIN. You trust them with your cryptocurrency information, now trust them with your gaming fun. There will be contests and prizes as well as opportunities never brought to the community before.



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